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Welcome to Shaanxi Marine Diesel Engine Import And Export Co.,Ltd!

Our company is a trading company mainly professional engaged in the marine diesel engine & generator set, spare parts and marine machinery products. We derived from Marine Department of Shaanxi Provincial Machinery Import And Export Co.,Ltd, which is a state-owned corporation from 1980s.

The products we mainly focus on is middle and high-speed diesel engine set and GENUINE spare parts, including MAN B&W, DAIHATSU, PIELSTICK, DEUTZ-MWM, MTU, CUMMINS made by SXD(Shaanxi Diesel), HND(Henan Diesel), ACD(Anqing Diesel), YMD(Yichang Diesel).

Engine types mainly as below:
DAIHATSU: DK-20, DK-26, DK-28, DK-36, DC-17, DC-32
MAN: 16/24, 21/31,32/40;  
Pielstick: PC2-5, PC2-6, PA6
DEUTZ-MWM: TBD234, TBD236, TBD604, TBD620

In addition, we could also provide technical consultancy, maintenance, reconditioning and repairing service for vessel and power station around the world. We could mobilize the best engineers from engine maker to cure difficult problems for customer. The sales and service we provide is mainly for professional traders, ship owner, ship manager, ship yard, oil field, jack-up and power plant in domestic and overseas market.

No Problem and No Worry for customer in Quality, Delivery, Accuracy and Professionality is the core pursuit in our service. And our strong technical team, deep cooperation and outstanding background with Engine Maker gave us full and solid support to solve every difficult problem. We believe, the best way to avoid bringing any trouble to our customer is, to eliminate all potential problems in advance and fix it efficiently without excuse. Dear customer, your kind concern, request and consulting is always highly valued and appreciated. Our professional dedication will make you satisfied.

*STATEMENT: Our company here officially declare and guarantee to all our customers, all the spare parts supplied from us are Genuine made by the Original Engine Maker. If any spare parts  with quality problem or any incorrect spare parts occurred not due to customer's reason, we shall resupply to our customer new spare without any charges and all related freight at our cost. This statement is continuously effective and binding to us.

Recently some company has malicious competition against our fine reputation in the market. And we will take every necessary legal action to protect our company reputation. 
The Genuine Certificate exhibited as below. Every single order could have a Genuine Certificate according to customer's request.